March 11th 2017 Luncheon AT LUCCAS RESTAURANT

with George Hammond speaking oN

Mark Twain's Funny Fight For Free Will

12 pm to 3 pm

$30 for Members and $37 for Non-members


George Hammond is a popular lecturer at The Commonwealth Club and at Humanities West programs in San Francisco.  He speaks on topics ranging from international politics and business to tax policy, and from explanations of our emotions and our personalities to Plato’s theory and theoretical physics.  He is the author of six philosophical books (Rational Idealism, Conversations With Socrates, The Gospel According to Andrew, Even More Relativity, Innocence Abroad and Fragments), four novels (The Senior Partner, Bob and Charlie, The Morning Light and The Nuclear Conspiracy), and a collection of short stories (Mark Twain's Visit to Heaven And Other Short Stories).